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Photocopying & Scanning

Photocopying - Crimson Cash

In Langdell Hall, photocopiers are located on floors 1N, 2N, 3N, outside the Caspersen Room, and outside of the Reference area on the fourth floor. In ILS, the copier is on the third floor, by the stairwell. Copier locations are shown on the library maps.

Please report any photocopier problems to the Circulation desk. Photocopiers are turned off 15 minutes before closing time. Please plan accordingly.

Photocopies cost 10 cents per page. All the copiers accept Crimson cash for payment and most only accept Crimson Cash.  

Crimson Cash is a payment method that uses pre-credited funds and a Harvard ID or Crimson Cash card. For the location of the few machines that do accept cash, see Using Cash for Photocopying, below.

Non-Harvard users may buy a Crimson Cash card at a VTS machine in the nearby Science Center. The Crimson Cash card costs $1; then you add value to the card. A Crimson Cash account provides access to many products and services on campus. For a complete listing of where Crimson Cash is accepted, please consult the Crimson Cash website.

When making photocopies, it is not possible to see the amount of credit you have left on your Crimson Cash card; the remaining balance flashes only when you remove the card from the reader.

You may add value repeatedly to your Harvard ID or Crimson Cash card as follows:

  • at the VTS machine in the nearby Science Center
  • visiting the Crimson Cash website and adding value using your MasterCard or Visa.

Please add only as much credit to your card as you need. The VTS machine will not give change. The Library cannot provide refunds for unused copying credit. For problems related to your Crimson Cash accounts, such as a demagnetized card, contact Crimson Cash at 65-67 Winthrop Street (617) 496-6600.

Charging Photocopying to your Department

Please refer to the "Department Copier" section of the Crimson Cash web site. Faculty assistants, research assistants, and other Harvard employees can bill their departments directly for photocopying via Crimson Cash by setting up a new account. A departmental Crimson Cash card is a Crimson Cash card specially designated for this purpose. Departmental funds cannot be added to a personal card. Cash may not be added at a Value Transfer Station. Inadvertent cash additions at Value Transfer Stations (VTS) will be credited to an individual's Harvard ID for departmental reimbursement; refunds are not issued.


The Library has four, do-it-yourself scanning stations. One is located in the Fishman Room on the 2nd floor, and three are located near the Reference Room. The stations have been configured for easy use, and straightforward instructions are attached to each of their control kiosks. Scanning is absolutely free!

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