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TLC Consultation Request

The Teaching, Learning & Curriculum (TLC) team at HLS Library supports faculty seeking to design or enhance their courses to improve student engagement and learning. Among our many services, we offer one-on-one training on instructional technologies, skills instruction for your students, and assistance with student assignment design.  For major projects, we may hire an Instructional Technology Fellow to work with you.    Click here for more information and descriptions of recent projects we've done for HLS faculty. Our goal is to provide you with the teaching tools you need, and help you to incorporate new techniques and technology with no pain and a minimal time commitment from you. You share your vision, we make it happen.

Your information
I'd like more information
  1. I'd like an individual appointment. Please contact my faculty assistant to schedule a 15-minute appointment.
  2. I have a big idea/project. Please contact my faculty assistant to schedule a 30-minute appointment.
  3. Here's a description of what I'd like to do. Please send me any specific requests for additional information and a written proposal.
  4. I would like information about hiring a President's Instructional Technology Fellow (PITF).
  5. I have some specific questions, please contact me.
  6. Other

Optional Needs Questionnaire

The following questions will help us to identify your needs and be prepared to discuss options with you or to provide you with a written proposal.

Which of the following best describes your current stage or course development?
  1. Preliminary: Identifying learning needs, conceptualizing course
  2. Framing course content, considering project and assignment types
  3. Detailing course content, projects/assignments and teaching approach
  4. Creating course syllabus, describing assignments
  5. Delivering the course
  6. Gathering and analyzing feedback and data
  7. Preparing recommendations for course revision or enhancement
Which of the following objectives are of primary interest to you right now? (Select as many as apply.)
  1. Enhancing Student Engagement During Class
  2. Enhancing Engagement Outside of Class
  3. Developing or Identifying New Instructional Materials
  4. Developing or Improving Student Assignments
  5. Improving Quality of Student Work
  6. Improving Efficiency of Existing Class-Related Processes (Conferences, Office Hours, Appointments, etc.)
  1. Fostering Student Collaboration
  2. Enhancing Learning with Multimedia
  3. Identifying Learning Needs / Gaps
  4. Incorporating Skills Development or Practice into Class
  5. Incorporating Active Learning Techniques / In-class Exercises
  6. Other (please describe)
If you are interested in specific approaches, please indicate them here. No response is necessary.
  1. Best Practices Guides
  2. Blogging / Student Discussion Forums
  3. Case Study Development
  4. Delivery of Online Content
  5. Document Sharing / Collaboration
  6. Feedback Instruments / Surveys
  7. Group Note-Taking
  8. Group Work / Group Projects
  9. MindMaps / Conceptual Mapping
  10. Online Tutorials (to supplement class work)
  1. Podcasting / Webcasting on Your Course Site
  2. Research Skills Instruction
  3. Simulations
  4. Student Response Systems / Clickers/ Question Tool
  5. Video, Original Production for Classroom Use
  6. Video, Incorporating in Course Site
  7. Video, Student Production Projects
  8. Web Conferencing / Online Office Hours
  9. Wikis
  10. Other (please describe)

Thank you - we look forward to working with you and will respond within two business days.

  If you have an issue that requires immediate attention, please email

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