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News and Views from the HLS Community

Risky Business
Not many people have to specify that they don't think it's a good thing that cigarettes kill people.

To Serve and to Honor
On Flag Day this year, when Irene Englund's ashes were placed at Arlington National Cemetery, soldiers fired a rifle salute, a bugler played taps, and an American flag was presented to Englund's daughter Julie.

The Haunting of Hillsborough House
Former Harvard Law student John Bickford still hangs around his family home, though the Hillsborough, N.H., farmhouse where he grew up is now a bed-and-breakfast, his parents are dead--and so is he.

This Goose Ain't Cooked
At least you're alive. That's what Sydney Altman '93 thought when friends began complaining about graying hair, sagging buttocks, dormant libido, and various other afflictions that beset people of a certain age.

Food Fight
The new battle against fast food has found an important ally in Richard Daynard '67, president of the Tobacco Control Resource Center at Northeastern University School of Law.

Weather Report
When the World Wide Web first reached buzzword status in the mid-1990s, corporate presence on the Internet was comparatively small.

Bottomless Wits
Trying to guilt trip a burglar when you catch him red-handed in your apartment is not a good idea, says Kathleen Tarr '95, especially if you're half naked.

A Night at the Dragapella
They say you can be anything you want with a Harvard Law degree. You can even be Rachel.

Book of the Times
It's time, says Professor Todd Rakoff ' 75, to change the way we think about time.

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