Summer 2003 cover Features

The End of an Era
After 14 years, Robert C. Clark ' 72 will soon leave the dean's office. He has changed the law school in ways few could have imagined when he started.

celebration FIFTY

Gold Rush
Alumnae look at the world of law and the world of HLS as the school celebrates 50 years of women graduates.

Women's Education
For many years after HLS began admitting women, male faculty still predominated. That's changed, and women faculty members talk about what their presence has meant for the school and for themselves.

Pearls of Wisdom
In a new book, Judith Richards Hope '64 details the travails and triumphs of her female classmates.

Nifty 50
After 50 years of graduating women, the school has produced prominent alumnae in law, business, academia and elsewhere. We highlight 50 of the many who have made a name for themselves and often have made history.


Briefs: Quiet in Laos; censored in China . . .
Gallery: Sole woman
Class Notes
Testimony: Essay by Harold Putnam '50-'51
In Memoriam
Closing: Gustave Hauser '53 & Rita Hauser '58