Class Notables

Every year, the Bulletin profiles alumni we've noticed because of their achievements, their unusual experiences and their passions. They are not always the most well-known alumni, but they are, we hope, most interesting. Here, presented in the order of their class years, are people we're glad we learned more about.

Out from the Cold
Irving "Ike" Isaacson '39

Follow the Leader
Michael Hess '65

Siren Song
Richard Wells '68

A New Development
Douglas Foy ' 73

A Healing Practice
Leonard Rubenstein ' 75

The Sound of Money
June Grasso ' 77

A Different Voice
Julieanna L. Richardson '80

Peaceful Solutions
David Hoffman '84

Law of the Land . . . and the Water and the Air
Bern Johnson '87

A Sign of Things to Come
J. Russell George '88

Practical Deanship
Joseph D. Kearney '89

A Principal with Principle
Dov Seidman '92

A Find on the Web
Stacy Stern '93

The State of Civil Rights
Carol Rose '96

Grasping Cyber-reach
William McSwain '00

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