Summer 2006

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Special Section:
Asian Legal Journeys

Why Chinese Law?
A noted scholar offers a perspective on China’s great leap toward a future with more laws—and lawyers—than ever before.

Bridging Digital Divides in Asia
Can law travel fast enough to keep up with challenges like Internet filtering and software piracy in Asia and elsewhere? Harvard Law School’s Berkman Center is on a mission to find out.

Annette Lu LL.M. ’78 was wary of Ma Ying-jeou S.J.D. ’81 when they were students at HLS. Today she is vice president of Taiwan, and he is a leader of the opposition. Their intertwined stories may foretell Taiwan’s future.

Japan Lawyers Up
Once known for producing more engineers than lawyers, Japan is embarking on a journey of legal expansion.

A Bloody April
In Nepal, lawyers helped restore the rule of law. But not without paying a price.

An East Asian Itinerary
An HLS delegation barnstorms through the region.


From the Dean
In the Classroom: The ultimate class on the ultimate penalty
Student Snapshot: Lawyering for the most critical years
Ask the Professor: When does art become cultural property?
Tribute: Herwitz, Sander, Shapiro
On the Bookshelves: It’s Greek to her
Recent Faculty Books
Class Notes
In Memoriam
Gallery: Pound in China
Closing: Scott Nichols