Leaving the stage

142 years of combined service to HLS

Frank Sander, David Herwitz and David Shapiro
Kathleen Dooher

Frank Sander ’52, David Herwitz ’49 and David Shapiro ’57

Imagine for a moment a lawsuit involving, as so many of them do, a dispute over accounting practices. Now add some complex questions of federal jurisdiction and procedure. Then assume that the parties decide—wisely—to settle. As the saying goes, “Who you gonna call?”

One would be hard-pressed to assemble a more talented Dream Team for that case than David Herwitz ’49, Frank Sander ’52 and David Shapiro ’57, all eminent members of the Harvard Law faculty (Herwitz since 1954, Sander since 1959 and Shapiro since 1963). But you’d have to talk them out of retirement. For, at the end of the past academic year, all three took emeritus status. Here, some former students pay tribute.

David R. Herwitz ’49
One lawyer’s account

Frank E.A. Sander ’52
An undisputed pioneer

David L. Shapiro ’57
A judgment, stated

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