Talking About a Revolution

A pop quiz with some surprising answers

Who are these three men, and how did their lives intersect?

Edward Greely Loring (a) was appointed to teach at HLS in 1852, one of three faculty. He was also a federal magistrate in Boston, and in 1854 he ordered the return of fugitive slave Anthony Burns (b) to Virginia, under the Fugitive Slave Act. Rioters stormed the streets and the courthouse in an attempt to rescue Burns.

But in the end, a Coast Guard cutter was brought in to take Burns away. Abolitionist Richard Henry Dana LL.B. 1837 (c) had unsuccessfully represented Burns, but his freedom was later ransomed, and he went on to become a Baptist preacher. After the riots, the Harvard Board of Overseers refused to renew Loring’s appointment.

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