International Legal Studies Courses and Reading Groups for 2013-2014 by Name

While elements of international, foreign, and comparative law permeate many courses offered at HLS, the following courses, which will be offered in the academic year 2013-2014, have substantial international, foreign, or comparative elements:

Advanced Japanese Law:  Selected Readings
Advanced Skills Training for Human Rights Advocacy
Advanced Topics in Jewish Law
The Anthropology of Law: Perspectives from Africa and Elsewhere
Antitrust Law and Economics - International
Armed Conflict and Humanitarian Protection

Business and Human Rights Clinical Seminar

Catholic Social Thought
Children, Youth and International Human Rights
China's Role in a World Order in Flux
Combating Transnational Bribery
Comparative Constitutional Law
Comparative Corporate Governance
Comparative Corporate Governance:  USA, Western Europe, Asia
Comparative Law:  Why Law? Lessons from China
Comparative Online Privacy
Comparative Sentencing Institutions
Conflict of Laws
Contemporary Issues in Foreign Intelligence Gathering
Contemporary South Asia:  Entrepreneurial Solutions to Intractable Social & Economic Problems
Corporate Governance and Finance of the Public Firm
Corporate and Capital Markets Law and Policy
Crimmigration:  The Intersection of Criminal Law and Immigration Law Clinical Seminar

Dispute Systems Design

European Union Constitutional Law

Global Anticorruption Lab
Global Governance
Global Law and Governance

Harvard Africa Workshop:  Changing Economies, Changing Polities, Changing Faces of Capitalism (Fall 2013)
Harvard Africa Workshop:  Changing Economies, Changing Polities, Changing Faces of Capitalism (Spring 2014)
Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinic (Fall 2013)
Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinic (Spring 2014)
Human Rights Advocacy (Fall 2013)
Human Rights Advocacy (Spring 2014)
The Human Rights Frontier:  Disability Rights in Comparative and International Perspectives

Immigration Law
Immigration Law:  Policy and Social Change
Immigration and Refugee Advocacy (Fall 2013)
Immigration and Refugee Advocacy (Spring 2014)
Indigenous People and International Law
International Commercial Arbitration
International Corporate Debt Solutions and Cross-Border Insolvency
International Criminal Law
International Finance 
International Human Rights
International Human Rights Clinic (Fall 2013)
International Human Rights Clinic (Spring 2014)
International Investment Arbitration
International Investment, Development, and the Law
International Law and Human Rights
International Law Workshop
International Trade Law

Japanese Business Law:  Intellectual Property, Corporate and Mergers and Acquisitions

Law and Economic Development
Law and Economic Development in India:  A Study of the Indian Entertainment Industry (commonly known as "Bollywood")
Law and the International Economy
Law, Culture, and  Social Change in Developing Countries
Laws of War
Laws, Markets, and Religions
Legal Fictions
Legal Research:  International, Foreign, and Comparative
Legal Research:  Introduction to American and International Legal Research

Making Rights Real:  The Ghana Project
Making Rights Real:  The Ghana Project Clinic
Mau Mau on Trial: History, Law and the High Court of Justice

National Security Law:  Legal Frameworks and National Security Decision-making

Online Law and Business in a Globalized Economy

Political Economy after the Crisis
Political Authority and Legitimacy in the Jewish Tradition
The Politics of Private Law in Comparative Perspective
Poverty, Human Rights, and Development
Prostitution:  The Critical Questions
Public International Law (Fall 2013)
Public International Law (Spring 2014)
Public International Law (Spring 2014)

Reproductive Rights and Justice

Selected Topics in Comparative Constitutional Law
Self, Serenity, and Vulnerability:  East and West
Seminar:  Human Rights in the UN Treaty Bodies
Sovereign Debt and Financial Stability

Taxation:  International Aspects of U.S. Income Taxation
The Israel Palestinian Conflict
Trauma, Refugees and Asylum Law

Visual Justice:  Old Media, New Media and Advocacy
Visual Justice:  Documentary Film and Human Rights

War and Crime
Workshop on Crime and Criminal Justice Reform in Global Context


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