Biographies of 2001 Chayes Fellows

During the summer of 2001, 11 Chayes Fellows were selected to work for organizations and governments in nine different countries. Their biographical information at the time of their Fellowship was as follows:

Karen Abravanel - Office of the Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland
Karen has a strong background in government and law, and is particularly interested in issues of transitional justice. Before beginning her studies at Harvard, Karen held a fellowship in the office of Israeli Justice Minister Yossi Beilin, where she participated in the meetings of the Joint Legal Committee of the Israeli and Palestinian Ministries of Justice. She has also interned in the White House Office of Speechwriting, at Foreign Policy Magazine, and for several political campaigns. Karen currently works with the Harvard International Law Journal and the Project on Justice in Times of Transition.

Aneelah Afzali - International Rescue Committee, Pakistan
Aneelah has a strong interest in refugee law, international human rights, and conflict resolution. During the 2000/01 academic year she was a research assistant at the Imagine Coexistence Program run by the Program on Negotiation and UNHCR and she has a background in peace and reconciliation issues. Aneelah's regional expertise is in the Middle East. She visited Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories in late January 2001 as a member of the National Lawyers Guild Delegation, and wrote her undergraduate thesis on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Additionally, she is a primary editor for the Human Rights Journal.

Laura Colleton - Criminal Defense Resource Center, Kosovo
Laura worked for the Imagine Coexistence Program run by the Program on Negotiation and UNHCR, and she was a primary editor of the Harvard Human Rights Journal. Her research interests include international human rights law, asylum law and immigration law. Laura's undergraduate thesis explored immigration and asylum law in the Republic of Ireland.

Brett Dakin - Human Rights Chamber, Bosnia
Brett has a background in international affairs, particularly with respect to East Asia. Prior to attending Harvard Law School, Brett worked for the National Tourism Authority of Laos, the Office of Japanese Affairs in the US Department of State, and the Parliament of Japan. He also spent a summer at the United Nations Center for International Crime Prevention in Vienna, where he co-authored a paper on the interplay of human rights, the rule of law, and sustainable development. Brett plans to focus his studies on public international law and has affiliations with the Harvard Human Rights Journal, the Harvard International Law Journal, and the Harvard International Law Society.

Estela Diaz - Poder Ciudadano, Argentina
Estela has an academic background in Latin American politics and economic development and is very interested in comparative criminal law. She has worked for Sullivan & Cromwell and has been affiliated with Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem, Rock the Vote in California, the Bureau of Inter-American Affairs at the State Department, and the Prisoner Education Program in Boston.

Fatma Marouf - World Bank Group, Department of Institutional Integrity, Washington D.C.
Fatma has a background in human rights and refugee law. She is a third year law student and was affiliated with the International Law Journal, Human Rights Journal and the Living Wage Campaign at the Law School during the 2000/2001 academic year. Fatma has worked for a number of organizations that focus on refugee policy, most recently the Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinic. She also spent a summer working for LAW: the Palestinian Society for the Protection of Human Rights and the Environment.

Doraliz E. Ortiz de Leon - United Nations - Food and Agriculture Organization, Italy
Doraliz is interested in international environmental law. Her background is in biology and she has had practical experience in this field through her work at the Center of Academic and Research Excellence at the University of California and the Howard Hughes Biomedical Research Program at the University of Puerto Rico. She was affiliated with the Environmental Law Review and the Environmental Law Society at Harvard Law School.

Adam Raviv - Office of the High Representative, Bosnia
Adam has a background in business and is interested in learning more about the interrelationship between democracy and development and the establishment of legal, political, and economic institutions in transitional societies. Adam was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to attend the University of Auckland in New Zealand, where he completed his MA. His thesis focused on Welfare, Poverty and Sole Parent Families in New Zealand. During this year abroad he participated as a delegate to an international development workshop in Hong Kong.

Michael Scoville - United States Agency for International Development Commercial Law Project, Tajikistan
Michael has a background in Russian Studies and History and he aspires to work for the State Department on US/Russian relations. Prior to attending Harvard Law School, Michael worked in the Moscow office of White & Case and the Energizer Distribution Company in St. Petersburg. In addition to his experience in Russia, Michael spent a year as a Fulbright exchange student at the University of Munich in Germany.

Khalil Shariff - United Nations Headquarters, Office of the Under Secretary for Peace-Keeping, New York
Khalil is a third year law student interested in the policy and management of international organizations. Prior to attending Harvard Law School Khalil worked as a Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company Management Consultants, where he first gained exposure to management and leadership issues. Two summers ago he worked for Judge Erik Mose at the UN International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda in Tanzania.

Dominique Hara Sherman - Centre for Peace, Non-Violence and Human Rights, Croatia
Hara is a second year law student with a particular interest in the art and culture of revolutionary movements. She was the Helena Rubinstein Foundation Intern at the Museum of Modern Art and a Curatorial Assistant at the Yale University Art Gallery. Her legal interests include property law, intellectual property law, and international law. During the 2000/01 academic year she was affiliated with the Harvard Workers Center, the International Law Journal, and the Human Rights Program.
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