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Cravath Fellows, Chayes Fellows pursue law projects around the world

Ten Harvard Law School students will travel internationally in January to pursue law-related projects with the support of the Cravath International Fellowships, which provide funding to a select number of HLS students each year for academic work with an international, transnational, or comparative law focus. In addition, another 23 HLS students worked in 18 nations last summer under the auspices of the Chayes International Public Service Fellowship program.

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Recent Highlights

  • Cool War illustration

    Strange new rules of a 'Cool War': Feldman looks at the unprecedented dynamic of cooperation and conflict between the U.S. and China

    In his new book "Cool War: The Future of Global Competition," Harvard Law School Professor Noah Feldman turns his focus on the world-changing implications of the conflict between the world's fastest-growing and established dominant powers: China and the United States. 

  • Virtual classroom

    In virtual classroom, law students at Harvard and in China consider the roles of China and the U.S.

    It’s Wednesday night in Cambridge and Thursday morning in Beijing, and their seminar rooms are some 6,700 miles apart, but for 30 students from Harvard Law School and the Renmin University of China School of Law, common interests and videoconferencing equipment easily bridge these distances. During this spring semester, students in a reading group taught by HLS Professor William P. Alford and an advanced negotiation skills class taught by Renmin Assistant Professor Alonzo Emery ’10 have come together electronically to consider the roles of China and the U.S. in a world order in flux.

  • HLS

    The Chayes International Public Service Fellowship: snapshots from this summer

    During the summer of 2012, hundreds of Harvard Law School J.D. and graduate students benefitted from the largest pool of guaranteed funding offered by a law school for the broadest range of public interest summer work. A select group of 26 students worked in 19 countries under the aegis of the Chayes International Public Service Fellowships, dedicated to the memory of Professor Abram Chayes, who taught at Harvard Law School for more than 40 years.

  • Noah Feldman

    Feldman examines corruption and political legitimacy in China

    At a Feb. 6 talk sponsored by the Harvard Law and International Development Society, Noah Feldman, Bemis Professor of International Law, focused on corruption in China and how it is likely to play out in the country’s political development.

  • LL.M party

    Cultural exchange: Graduate Program hosts annual international party

    At the annual international party hosted by the Harvard Law School LL.M class of 2013,  students, faculty, staff and family members filled the Harkness Commons in the Caspersen Student Center for a chance to immerse themselves in the cultures of their graduate student classmates, who hail from more than 70 countries. 

  • property law conference geneva switzerland

    A conference on the dimensions of property law

    More than 100 legal scholars gathered in Geneva, Switzerland for the Geneva-Harvard-Renmin-Sydney Law Faculty Conference, a three-day event that brought together faculty from Harvard Law School, the University of Geneva, Renmin Law School (China), and Sydney Law School (Australia) to explore property law in its many dimensions.

  • Enver Hasani

    President Of Kosovo Constitutional Court speaks at HLS

    On Feb. 4, more than 70 Harvard Law School students, faculty, and other members of the Harvard community gathered in Wasserstein Hall to hear Dr. Enver Hasani, president of the Constitutional Court of Kosovo, speak on “European Self-Determination and the Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice on Kosovo.”

  • Justice Young-Joon Mok

    Justice of the Constitutional Court of Korea speaks at HLS

    Young-Joon Mok LL.M. ’89, a Justice of the Constitutional Court of Korea, spoke at Harvard Law School on “Constitutional Adjudication in the Republic of Korea,” on Tuesday, Sept. 11 at an event sponsored by East Asian Legal Studies, International Legal Studies and the Korea Institute.

  • mstein.jpg

    Bostonians changing the world: Michael Stein

    Michael Stein ‘88, Harvard Law School visiting professor and executive director of the Harvard Law School Project on Disability, was one of a dozen people featured in the July 15, 2012, Boston Globe Magazine article, “12 Bostonians Changing the World.”

  • Karen Freeman-Wilson ’85 and Naomi Koshi LL.M. ’09

    Leading My Hometown

    Other than their Harvard Law degrees, Naomi Koshi LL.M. ’09 and Karen Freeman-Wilson ’85 don’t appear to have much in common. They live in opposite parts of the world and are different in professional background, ethnicity and age. And yet they share a certain connection. Both were recently elected the first female mayors of cities that are in the middle of their countries and are sometimes overshadowed by their neighbors. The cities are first in their hearts, however—the places where they grew up and which they want to help grow.

  • Vargas and Alford

    HLS forum examines the impact of globalization on legal education (video)

    Harvard Law School's S.J.D. program celebrated its 100th anniversary the weekend of March 23–25 by hosting a Global Legal Education Forum that drew hundreds of attendees and participants from around the world. The purpose of the forum was to examine the impact of globalization on legal education and the practice of law. The program, which was sponsored by Harvard Law School’s S.J.D. Association, addressed these relationships through a variety of panels, ranging from a discussion on specific uses of information technology to more abstract concepts of global law schools and global legal practices.

  • Seung Wha Chang

    WTO appoints alum to Appellate Body

    The World Trade Organization has appointed Harvard Law School alumnus and former HLS Visiting Professor of Law Seung Wha Chang LL.M. ’92 S.J.D. ’94 to serve on its seven-member Appellate Body. Chang will settle international trade disputes alongside distinguished trade experts from the U.S., the E.U., China, India, Mexico and South Africa.

  • WLA logo

    Women in the Arab Awakening

    Women played an important role in the Arab Spring revolutions, and their involvement is crucial to the ongoing political change in the region. To that end, the Harvard Law School Women’s Law Association sponsored an event presenting the perspectives of several HLS and Harvard Kennedy School women students from Egypt, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia. The Women in the Arab Awakening panelists discussed their experiences as both activists in and observers of these events, and the subsequent impact the revolutions have had on women.

  • Gabriella Blum

    In chair lecture, Blum cuts through the "fog of victory" (video)

    Gabriella Blum LL.M. ’01 S.J.D. ’03 delivered the lecture “The Fog of Victory” on April 10 to mark her appointment as the Rita E. Hauser Professor of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law at Harvard Law School.

  • Bruno Salama

    The end of corporate limited liability in Brazil

    Whether owners of limited liability companies should be subject to personal liability has been the subject of much controversy lately, in the U.S. and around the world. On Jan. 25, Bruno Salama, spoke to an HLS audience on the topic in the context of his research project and book “The End of Limited Liability in Brazil” tracing the status of corporate limited liability and veil piercing in Brazil. A professor of law at the Fundação Getulio Vargas in Sao Paulo, Salama was joined by HLS Professors Reinier Kraakman and Mark Roe ’75 at an event organized by the Harvard Law School Brazilian Studies Association.

Harvard Law School provides an astonishing array of opportunities to learn about and experience the world’s law. A student might take a class with a renowned South African jurist co-taught with an eminent American comparativist, organize a conference on international arbitration, spend a semester in Switzerland, conduct a winter term project in China, carry out cutting edge research on international human rights, or enter into what will be lifelong dialogue with classmates from more than 80 nations.

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