Clinic: Placements - 2014

In conjunction with our Spring 2014 Child Advocacy Clinic, HLS second and third-year students will work at a variety of organizations serving children. Students can register for our Spring OR Winter/Spring clinic option. 

Through our Spring clinical option, students will be placed at the local Massachusetts organizations listed below.

Through our Winter/Spring clinical option, students will placed at the below organizations in January 2014.  Most of our Winter/Spring placement sites are out-of-state.  In the Spring, each student placed out-of-state will return to Cambridge but will continue working remotely for the same organization during the Spring term.  Students placed locally will continue working for the same organization through the Spring term.

Spring Placement Sites

Boston Juvenile Court (BJC)

Cambridge Juvenile Court

Center for Law and Education (CLE)

Children and Family Law Program (CAFL), Committee for Public Counsel Services - Administrative Office

Department of Children & Families (DCF)

District Attorney's Office (DA's Office), Child Abuse Unit, Middlesex County

District Attorney's Office (DA's Office), Child Protection Unit, Family Protection & Sexual Assault Bureau, Suffolk County

Massachusetts Advocates for Children (MAC)

Juvenile Court, Middlesex Division with First Justice

Strategies for Youth (SfY)

Thrive in 5

Youth Advocacy Division (YAD), Committee for Public Counsel Services

Winter/Spring Placement Sites

Advocates for Children of New York, New York City, New York

Foster Care Review, Miami, Florida

Children's Rights, Inc. - New York City, New York

Department of Elementary & Secondary Education (ESE) Legal Office, Massachusetts - Boston, MA

Juvenile Law Center - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Massachusetts Law Reform Institute - Boston, MA

Office of Mayor Julián Castro, City of San Antonio - San Antonio, Texas

Public Advocates Inc. - San Francisco, California

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