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Please refer to the FAQ's and instructions below on how to best utilize the Child Advocacy Program's Resource Center. To view the Resource Center Spreadsheet, click here.

CAP Resource Center FAQ's:

Q: What is the Child Advocacy Program (CAP) Resource Center?

A: It is a collection of materials (books, films, CDs, pamphlets, etc.) relating to child advocacy. It is not intended to duplicate the comprehensive Harvard Law Library, nor is it intended to be exhaustive.

Q: How were the items selected for inclusion in the CAP Resource Center?*

A:   1. Donations by CAP faculty & staff.
      2. Suggestions by CAP students & affiliates.
      3. Donations by CAP students.

*Disclaimer: The CAP Resource Center includes some materials we highly recommend, but also other materials that do NOT reflect the views of our program.

Q: How can I use the Resource Center Spreadsheet?

A: Instructions of Use

1. The CAP Resource Center Spreadsheet provides a comprehensive listing of all of the materials we have available in our Resource Center located in the Clinical Wing, suite 4133. 

2. The Resource Center Spreadsheet is separated into three different sorting choices: alphabetical by category, alphabetical by author, and alphabetical by title. You can move between these sorting choices using the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

a. Alpha by category: You may use this sorting option if you know the type of work you are looking for. The categories include: Child Welfare, Child Welfare: International, Child Welfare: Non-Books, Education, Films, CDs, Juvenile Justice, Juvenile Justice: Non-Books and Reference. Each category is then further organized alphabetically by author.

b. Alpha by author: If you know the name of the author of the work for which you are searching, you may use this sorting tab. Each author is sorted alphabetically by last name.

c. Alpha by title: If you know the title of the work for which you are searching, you may use this sorting tab, which sorts the contents of the Resource Center alphabetically by the title of the work.

Q: How can I check out items?

A: There is a sign-out sheet located on a clipboard in the Resource Center. Please fill out the information requested and email CAP Program Assistant Margo Strucker (, informing CAP of what items you checked out and when.

Note: HLS students & CAP affiliates ONLY may check out items from the CAP Resource Center.

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