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The Program on the Legal Profession (PLP) seeks to make a substantial contribution to the modern practice of law by increasing understanding of the structures, norms and dynamics of the global legal profession.

To this end, we:

  • Conduct, sponsor and publish world-class empirical research on the profession;
  • Innovate and implement new methods and content for teaching law students, practicing lawyers and related professionals about the profession; and
  • Foster broader and deeper connections bridging between the global universe of legal practitioners and the academy.

Globalization, Lawyers and Emerging Economies (GLEE)

The GLEE initiative investigates the impact of globalization on the corporate legal sector in major emerging economies and the effect of changes in this1 sector on other parts of the legal order, including legal education and the provision of legal services to under represented populations.

HLS Career Study

HLS Career Study examines the careers of all Harvard Law School graduates and explores gender and work/life balance issues. Contact Bryon Fong for more information or view the recent C-55 Report published by our program.

Effectiveness of Counsel in Cases of Financial Distress

The Access to Justice project examines what isnt working in terms of improving the financial health of the unemployed, the under-employed, the middle and lower-middle classes, the working poor, and others who struggle to meet their financial obligations. We produce information about what works and what does not. Our study also examines the debt collection industry, where there are allegations of practices that could require regulatory or other official attention.






The Program on the Legal Profession is funded
independently of Harvard Law School

Please donate so we may continue our research
and service to the legal community

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