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Feldman in Bloomberg View: Debt-deal disaster shows genius of U.S. democracy

In his August 7 op-ed, the latest in a series for Bloomberg View, HLS Professor Noah Feldman discusses the perception of U.S. democracy in light of the government’s recent debt crisis.

“The real story of the debt-ceiling showdown is not that democracy is pathological. It is, rather, that the electoral system—even when plagued by partisanship—is the best ever devised to defang angry citizens and the political movements they form,” writes Feldman. “Once again, U.S. democracy has demonstrated that it is a machine for generating moderation and preserving the ideological center.”

Feldman, who was announced as a regular columnist for Bloomberg View in April, is the author of several books, including “Scorpions: The Battles and Triumphs of FDR's Great Justices,” (Twelve Books 2010). The American Bar Association recently selected “Scorpions” to receive its Silver Gavel Award, which recognizes works that are exemplary in fostering the American public’s understanding of law and the legal system. “Scorpions” was also selected as the best legal book of the year by Scribes, the American Society of Legal Writers, winning its 2011 Book Award.

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Glendon to advise Romney in his bid for the White House

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney ’75 recently announced that his Justice Advisory Committee will be co-chaired by HLS Professor Mary Ann Glendon along with Robert Bork and Richard Wiley.

Law School rolls out a mobile app

Composed of a series of easy-to-use tabs, the app condenses information into a user-friendly format. The “Admissions” and “Alumni” tabs give app users basic information on a variety of helpful topics and steer users to relevant web sites that can provide more comprehensive information on these subjects.

White House veterans headed to Harvard Law School

Several legal experts, officers and aides will be leaving the White House staff to teach or study at Harvard Law School this fall.

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